Day 43 – Olveiroa to Muxía

39.3 km ~ 55,390 steps

Song of the Day: Wherever You Will Go – The Calling

Today, I woke up and wanted to cry just thinking of another 30+km day. My body ached. I don’t think I walked at all today…I simply hobbled. Should have known this day wasn’t going to be perfect when I came out of the bathroom this morning to see Maverick chowing down on my empanada I had saved from yesterday. (You don’t even know how excited I was to snag that empanada the night before and had wonderful visions of eating it while walking today).
However, in our typical fashion, we soldiered on. After the split for the Finisterre Route, we only encountered 4 other pilgrims. Safe to say the Muxía Route is the one less traveled by. It was a nice enough route, with plenty of places to stop along the way with lovely bar owners and beautiful rolling countryside. And then, there was the sea. And there it went, because we now had to go up and down and up again and left and right and you might as well have just spun in a circle with how this route approaches Muxía. But let me tell ya, when it opens up to that white sand beach you quickly forget all of that.
But today was another long day, another 38km per my Fitbit, and we are definitely feeling it. Physically, mentally, it’s taken it’s toll. And it wouldn’t be my Camino if I wasn’t sobbing on the phone to my mom about how done I am. Safe to say, 43 days of walking across a foreign country is enough to test anyone’s grit. It sure is testing mine. This journey never fails to throw me some curveballs. Today, there was plenty of bad. But also some great, too. An unexpected phone call from back in New Hampshire (that unthinkingly I answered by saying hola) ((PS, New Hampshire people may want to check the Union Leader tomorrow)) and of course, the incredible end of a grueling day at the wild ocean. Jack from Ireland said it best, “Writers, they always want the last word…but this?….”