Day 44 – Muxía to Finisterre

27.2 km ~ 38,339 steps

Song of the Day: We’re Going Home – Vance Joy

Well…after all that, it’s over. Actually over. I don’t think it’ll set in for a little while, but honestly right now I’m okay with it being over. These past few days have been grueling to say the least. Maverick and I now both match when we start out after a break, hobbling for the first kilometer before our feet remember how to work. 44 days of this truly broke us. It mended us back. Only this time,we’re different. We’re stronger. We’re one. I don’t think I’ve ever been so connected to anything or anyone as I am to Maverick. It’s truly something special, and even I can see it myself and admit that. I’m so blessed to have been able to make this journey with him.
Today was hot. Brutally hot. I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much in my life, and that’s not even an exaggeration. And of course, we had to have an issue with sleeping arrangements on the very last night because when wouldn’t we??? The place who has told me they allowed dogs, took back what they had said upon seeing us this afternoon, stating “only dogs under 6kg” as if I was somehow supposed to know that?? Luckily, a different albergue allowed us into a private room even though it was expensive. After the past days, I don’t care what I had to pay to have a bed tonight. We cleansed ourself in the sea. We let go of something (unintentionally) when my necklace I never ever take off snapped in the midst of getting denied from our accommodations and I lost the charm. And we resurrected ourselves by watching the sun set off the end of the world. We completed our journey.
All I can say, is thank you. Thank you, above all, to God. For guiding us. Carrying us when we were too weak to walk on our own. Running with us when we were elated. Bringing us here, to the end of the earth. And thank you to all of you. Before this, I never knew what it was like for people to have “internet friends”, people they’d never met that somehow cared about them. Through sharing on the Camino page that I do, I now understand that. I can’t thank you all enough for your support and encouragement. My friends, family, and everyone else who’s followed this whole up and down journey and held us in your thoughts and prayers. You did more for us than you know. When we hit bottom, you reminded us how many people were standing behind us, cheering us on. You made us laugh when we were crying and made us smile with your kind words. Thank you so much. Thank you Camino, for changing our lives.