Day 42 – Logrosa to Olveiroa

39.3 km ~ 55,430 steps

Song of the Day: Sink – Noah Kahan

We had sun today! Since I haven’t been accustomed to seeing the sun lately, I forgot about that thing called sunscreen. I think my face is a bit burnt now. Ah well, you win some, you lose some. Today was going to be a long day, and we knew that, but at kilometer 32 I’m sure I speak for both Maverick and myself when I say we were all set with the whole walking thing. And although the guidebook says it’s only a little over 33km, my Fitbit registered 38 and from how it felt, I’m trusting the Fitbit. Despite that, we still had a great day. Maverick makes me laugh more than anyone else. Just watching how stupid he is when it comes to chasing things in a river never fails to make me laugh out loud, even if we’re completely alone. And the way he longingly looks at my ice cream until I go back and buy him his own is enough to make anyone smile.
Tonight, the place we’re staying feels more like a home than a hostal, and this comes with a plethora of kids running about and playing on the patio outside our window. It’s got a feel that this is where all the neighborhood kids want to come and hang out, and I don’t blame them because the woman who runs this place seems like the designated “cool mom”. She reminds me of my own mom and makes me miss her. Anyways, the youngest girl came knocking on my door tonight and when I opened it, she asked if the dog could come play with them outside for a bit. So despite our tiring day, off my baby went to play with the other kiddos. And there I stood, like a proud mom in the doorway, watching him light up their night with smiles and laughter. It’s this sense of community, a sense of home an ocean away from my own home, that makes this Camino experience truly special.