Day 41 – Santiago de Compostela to Logrosa

27.0 km ~ 38,018 steps

Song of the Day: Pon de Replay – Rihanna

I have determined that this part of the country has only one weather setting with varying degrees of intensity and this is mist. But, hey, on the bright side it’s better than pouring rain am I right?
So anyways, we have basked in the glory of reaching Santiago after 40 days, and because I must be a masochist or something (kidding) we’re continuing our trek. Though we have indeed had hard times on the Camino, it wasn’t time to be finished yet. So on we go, to the end of the world. And despite the less than stellar weather, we’re loving it so far.
I was thinking the other day how this journey is really a day by day thing, more than that it’s hour by hour, even minute by minute…that’s how quickly things can change for us. Whether it’s something as simple as a café having empanadas or as difficult as being turned away from an albergue after they had already said yes dogs are allowed. Things can change your mood that fast, but it’s important to be able to recognize that you too can change your own mood. So despite the rain, despite the fact that I was carrying 12 pounds of dog food like a baby after my handle on the bag broke, I was in a good head space. I was able to sing to Maverick random old songs that kept popping into my head, doing stupid dances for him, attempting to balance the bag of dog food on my head while dancing and singing Rihanna to my dog….(little did I know people were actually behind us at this point 😬😬)
We met some awesome people today, explored some cool new places in the lesser known, wilder countryside of Spain, and jammed out to our own Camino vibe.