Day 40 – San Lázaro to Santiago de Compostela

Song of the Day: Like Gold – Vance Joy

“You’re crazy” “It’s going to be very difficult” “You shouldn’t do it” “You can’t bring your dog” “He’s not allowed” “You’ve got balls of steel” “There’s no way you could go that long with a dog” “El perro no permite” “Hats off to you guys” “I could never do that”
These were all things I’ve been told before and during our trek from people from all over the world. It’s true, this trip has not been easy. It’s not been a typical pilgrimage. It’s been life changing. This Camino has truly broken me and then mended me back stronger.
Today, we walked into the plaza before the cathedral in the light of a full moon and stood in awe of the place that had called us for 40 days. For someone who always has words I can write, there are none I have for this day. None to explain what it was like to watch the sky lighten behind that amazing structure while the world woke up.
Today, I turn 21 years old. Today, I complete the hardest journey I’ve ever embarked on. But I completed it nonetheless. And with my best friend by my side the whole time.