The Questions of Crossing Lines – The End

The Questions of Crossing Lines – The End

The biggest question of all. The one I get more than any one else. What every review needs to talk about. The ending to Crossing Lines. If you haven't read it yet,I suggest you stop reading this post now. There will be spoilers.

So we're all aware, I didn't get bored of writing Crossing Lines. I didn't want to end it because I got tired of writing and didn't know what else to say about my characters. Truth be told, I could have kept telling Noah and Carter's story for pages and pages. But the thing is, their story was never meant to work. I touched upon this in my last blog post, about easy endings and happy stories. All too often in literature, there is a happy ending when in real life, that ending isn't plausible. Things go wrong. People in love don't work out. Life gets in the way. That's just the way things work. Knowing Carter and Noah's positions, they pushed the envelope on things working out. And you know, they really did love each other. But the truth is, there are bigger things in life than being in love, which is not something people like to hear. Their being in love was not good. It was not beneficial to either of them and shouldn't have worked out, as much as I as the author would have loved for it to just as much as so many readers did. What it comes down to is it didn't work out. And my novel reflects that.

Beyond that, I have been told my ending was far too cruel. It was unnecessary. That may be so, but as an author this is the plot point I had in mind from the very beginning. I wanted to write the closing scenes just as they are, and as an indie author I was able to do that. I believe them to be thought-provoking, emotional, and raw which is something I wanted to project. While many readers are angry at the outcome, I've enjoyed having full artistic license over it.


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  1. I just wanted to say that I understood the ending. As much as it broke my heart and made me cry I understood. You’re right, life doesn’t always go as planned, its not always pretty and I think you did an amazing job of showing that. I would though like to know a little bit more about Noah in the aftermath of that horrible time.

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