The Questions of Crossing Lines – Noah as a Teacher

The Questions of Crossing Lines – Noah as a Teacher

Noah as a Teacher

I get some questions over and over again about my first novel, Crossing Lines. I felt it was time to address some of them and also give some more behind the scenes looks into my writing process. I decided to start with one of the hottest topics I get to discuss, the driving force of the story really…Noah as a Teacher.

So many people find a teacher-student relationship taboo. They don’t like them. It’s wrong, unlikely, dirty. I want to tell you all, yes, I hear you. There are some bad things out there in this world. There is some trashy literature out there with this sort of relationship at the heart of it. Honestly, that attributes to a lot of the backlash I get relating to the novel. People see “student-teacher relationship” and they’re either disgusted, or all excited for some taboo kinky relationship. Unfortunately for them, Crossing Lines doesn’t really fit that mold. I’m not here to write erotica.

Which brings us to the question…well why is Noah a teacher? Did this happen in your life? Do you know someone that was with a teacher? Were you? The questions become more and more ridiculous as it goes. I’m here to clear the air. What it comes down to is, I wrote the ending for Crossing Lines before anything else. I know! Insert gasp here because how could I possibly write that ending first?! How dare I?? Got that out of your system? Awesome, let’s continue. So when the idea for this ending came to me, I wanted my love interest to have difficulties getting to Carter. It couldn’t be easy, but he would want to be there. He would know he just needed to be there, because he loved her. But there had to be something not right. I needed a conflict. And so I racked my brain. What would prevent someone from going to the person they love in a time of need? Why wouldn’t someone be allowed in that position? And then it came to me…their relationship wasn’t accepted. How do I accomplish that? Well, what if he was her teacher??

And so, Noah became Carter’s teacher then. But that’s not what I needed their story to focus on. That was just an added plot point. That’s why there isn’t much in the school scenes. I didn’t want to focus on their relationship as student and teacher. I didn’t need to push that odd romantic fetish of that taboo relationship. The dynamic added to my plot as I needed it to, adding difficulties and interactions, but I kept the focus on Carter and Noah. Who they were as people. How they came to need each other, heal each other, love each other. At least, that’s what I hoped to tell as a story. I hope you enjoyed their story.


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