The Questions of Crossing Lines – Am I Carter?

The Questions of Crossing Lines – Am I Carter?

Last post I talked about Noah, and what a lot of people find to be the most important thing about Noah…his job. The scandal of the book; a student-teacher relationship, when in reality I think it’s just a story of two people who love each other in an unhelpful situation. Regardless, the questions of Noah as a teacher naturally lead into questions about Carter. I touched on it very briefly in the last post when I mentioned how questions become more and more ridiculous to the point of “did this happen to you?” Enter Carter.

The most common question I get about Carter is simple…is Carter you? You’d laugh if I told you how many people ask me this. What’s even more funny is I get the question from people who know me well. If you go back and read my previous blog post, Creating Carter, I talked a bit about how Carter and I connect. But I’ll talk more in answer to the many asking about it here.

In short, no. I am not Carter. I am no where near the person Carter is. In my opinion, as an author, you put a little bit of yourself in every character you create. It’s no surprise the protagonists will show these traits the most, as those are the characters authors spend the most time with. So I will say that I am aware Carter and I share some character traits. I’m sure when Doors comes out the same will be said for my main character, Colt. Carter can be quick, witty, and I wish I had her boldness to simply say things when they come to her. But I’m also sure many people would be quick to describe me as sarcastic and quick to banter just as Carter is. Carter’s got a lot going on inside her, but she tries so hard to be tough on the outside. I’d like to think we’re similar there. But where Carter has shut out the world, I’d say I try to take the world in. In any case, what I’m trying to say is yes, we are similar at times. But no, I am not Carter. I did not shape Carter around myself. I did not use any personal experiences to shape Carter’s interactions.Carter is a part of me and always will be. Most days I’m still learning from her because I would love to be as cool as Carter.


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