Crossing Lines Discussion

Crossing Lines Discussion

Hey guys!

I felt like it’s time to finally talk about Crossing Lines now that it’s been out for a while. (Almost 2 months!) Time to address some questions and comments I’ve gotten from different readers. I so love hearing all the different feedback, good, bad, excited. It gives me stuff to think about and lets me know what my readers thought of the book so please keep those reviews coming!

Now I’m not going to spoil anything here, because I always hate when people do that so if you’re reading this now and you haven’t read Crossing Lines yet it’s okay to read on.

First thing I definitely want to talk about is the possibility of a sequel. I’ve got a lot of readers reaching out to me, asking about it in reviews, asking me in person. So I’ll give you my insight to it. I intentionally left a story line open for the possibility of a sequel should interest arise. I know this has angered at least some readers because they think I didn’t tie up everything nicely at the end of the story. However, I didn’t want that story line to just have a quick tie up to close. It deserved more discussion should people want to hear that side of the story. So to all those asking, yes a sequel is possible. I am currently working on another project that I hope to have finished by this summer. Then, if there is still a continued interest in a small sequel, I could entertain that.

The next thing I want to address is the ending. No worries to anyone reading this, I won’t spoil it. However, I’ve gotten so many responses on the ending of Crossing Lines. So many of them have been anger. Now, I’m sorry. I will apologize. It’s probably not the ending anyone wants. I understand that. But if you want to have an ending where your characters ride off into the sunset on a happy unicorn with their yappy little King Charles Spaniel boinging along beside them, this is not the book for you. I’ve gotten so many harsh reviews, one even saying they would have given the book 5 stars but instead gave it 2 simply because they didn’t enjoy the ending. Well I hated the ending to The Fault in Our Stars but that doesn’t mean John Green didn’t write a stellar novel. It’s hard to hear so much anger directed towards your work, I won’t lie, especially over one thing. All I can ask of the reader is to think not just with your heart but with your head. I believe the ending to be beautiful (maybe I’m just a little biased) and well-handled. It might not be the “happily ever after” that so many readers demand. But life doesn’t always give a happily ever after.

Thank you guys so much for reading Crossing Lines, for giving me your feedback-the good, the bad, the ugly. I love it all. And thank you for taking the time to read my side of things. I can’t wait to hear even more from you!


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